Inspiration, Writing, And The Power Therein.

I have this weird idea, that inspiration is somewhat like energy from another dimension, and when a person finds their "art" whatever that may be, carpenter, painter, writer, baker, etc. their "muse" gives them ideas from this place, with which they create, and ply their trade. Their minds can draw upon this energy, and form entire worlds, with characters to entertain us, and manipulate our emotions. The closest to being God, that a human can come, is by writing. Creating a story, creating a universe, and learning to control the characters and events within them, is tantamount to a monotheistic deity's mythological power over the world. A lot of writers have said that the characters in their stories often develop minds, and wills of their own, and sometimes even "refuse" to do as the writer wishes. They rebel against their creators, and do as they please. Writing is even more incredible, when the stories are famous. The universe, that has been created by the writer, now exists as he described, (if not as he imagined,) in the minds of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. He manipulates their emotions, and their minds, with his words, they love his creations, they identify with them, and they weep when those characters are set upon by tragedy. But I don't think that many people realize that the writer himself is subject to these same emotions, and even can be manipulated by his own characters. It is my belief, that writing is the ultimate form of expression, and it will always be. That's why dictators and oppressors destroy the books first. Our books allow us to do anything, and encourage free thinking by their very existence.
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Well said!!!

Thanks! I tried to be clear, lol!

It was clear,, some parts were deep and you used some big words but I understood. Iwill have to read somemore of your stuff.

Haha! Please do! I love hearing what people think about what I write. :D

I guess,, it would be more fun to talk and let someone else do the writing. Or maybe if I could type better. Writing does inspire people as long as they understand themselves. Some people write crap though. But you should be writing. You are a intresting person.

Thanks, lol! I used to not be able to type either, but after a bit of practice, you get pretty fast, lol!