for all you who are confessed adult babies and also you who are sissies. please do not get me wrong as I see no harm in either one.or me coulds says mee sees noo wrongs ins its as I am also a adult baby and also a little of both.
Thursday even though I no longer can wear me baby diapers, I had me a wantings for some huggies sized 6. well me gots ems at a grocerystore and needed some more simulac for me baby bottles. I after loking at the price in the grocery chain I work for decided to go to walmart to check the prices thers. it was cheapers. so me gots one bottle of the r2u which is ready to use, then while loking for shorter registers plus wanting to see if they has any footed zip up pajamies yet went to ladies department. I find I can go loking there at clothes easy because my natural voice is feminan. meaning sounds like I am a girl. anyways I did locate on a markdown sales area some hipsters. for about 3 bucks. mines green with sunshades prints and at back is the words saying, s is for shades and sunny days. I like these because they hold my new huggies up close and in place on my body. diont get me wrong thoughs as ive got my primary adult medium sized disposable and resuables both in medium and large sized cloth diapers also. but sometimes using the baby ones are better as you can get more in bigger quanities and most times cheaper. just if you do not fit them still u needs 2 finds a way to makes em works 4 u`s. anyways me thoughts me shares this with ya soo maybes u can check eems outs. or if u is luckies nuff gots u mommies ors daddies to gots em 4 u. I still ams no luckies nuff yets. baby glp.
babyglp babyglp
51-55, M
Aug 17, 2014