For all who has read the first four chapter of my story Naughty Christina. this is the continuing parts and those readers in appleton, I hope maybe one day I can truly visit your town as my online daddy potter talks about your town all the time.

Naughty Christina:
Daddy after finally getting his sleepy baby girl dressed reluntedly put her back into her crib so that now he had her dressed, he could go get ready himself. that way he knew for certain she`d stay out of trouble and could safely rest a little while longer before he would need to get her out into her specialy made car seat in his cars back seat.
Daddy potter next went to chane his own diaper,get his morning shower, get dressed for the long trip to appleton and get his and her suitcases ready. hers however was the easiest as he realy didn't need to much to pack for her except her pretty sundresses,rompers,shortalls, and such, and of corse he needed to pack her diapers in his cars trunk. the only thing he didn't need to pack was her diaperbag as it was always on the ready anyways.

Now daddy himself after getting his shower began to get dressed for the trip and as he packed he was smiling at all the sites his daughter would get to see and he knew he`d have fun just watching her funny expressions to it all along their journey. That is what parts she was not sleeping.
This was indeed going to be a special day and trip for them both.

chapter #6.
The last time that they had been on was the sad day her mother had passed away leaving her all alone by herself and he had driven all the way to get her to bring her back home with him. on that trip though, she mostly cried out of her sadness and loss of her beloved mother. Also on that trip, He had to make several overnight trips just so that he could help ease her pain of her mothers loss as best as he could and had to stay practically up all night for her nightmares after that. it was such a mess for that trip he simply could not count it as their special trip at all.
Luckily that trip and sad day was long behind them now and this was what he hoped to be the right time for their trip.

As Christina/baby glp was back laying in her crib she could tell her daddy was up to something but she did not know what as yet. for now though all she wanted was to go back to sleep and couldn't figure out just why daddy had gotten her dressed first. maybe he was going to take her to the park again like he had before, but she hoped it wasn't back to nursery school again even though she secretely loved going there. the last thing she remembered though was her with her pacifier in her mouth, and laying on her tummy in her crib as she fell back asleep once again.

When Daddy returned to his baby girls nursery he had a site to behold.
For there before his eyes was his baby girl asleep in her crib as usual but this time she was asleep with her tummy facing down and her rear end high up in the air.
All he could do was smile at the site and quietly walk off to pack up the car for their journey.
Dady had thought about not putting her sundress on her and simply putting her back into one of her footed sleepers for the trip, especially since it was a cold march morning, but he knew if he had not only would she get to hot in the car,but it would be far easier to change her in the dress intead of the sleepers. So he just kept getting the car and her seat ready for his now sleeping baby daughter and also grabbed a few other things he knew she would need like her toys, her baby bottles, some of which he could put in their cooler he placed up front in his car,something for her to read if she wanted, and turning on the cars heater to help it get warm before he got her put into her back car seat.
He also knew he would have to start up his cars engine to get the heater on and was ever so glad it was in their two car garage to help even though garage door now was opened, make it a little less stressful for her when he finally brought her out to her specially made car seat.

Chapter #9.
when daddy returned back to the nursery he found it far different than earlier. in her crib though still asleep his baby girl was crying. And he knew by her site she was having another bad nightmare.
Daddy quickly lowered her crib side and picked her up for her to sit in his lap in her nursery`s rocking chair as he gently helped to calm down his now awkened baby girl. Christina cried,
Daddies me dreamed you no wanted me anymores n hads lefts mees all alones heres by meslf in this crib n me no ways to gets outs while he was gently rocking her.

SHHH baby girl, daddy`s here now and im never going to leave you all alone. your just having a bad night mare is all. and with that she was back asleep with him carrying her as best he could out to the now warm awaiting car and carefully placing her in her seat and the restaints gently over her safely securing her inside the seat.

Her seat was a specially made older infants/childs seat he had made to fit her, and like all infants/toddlers seats it had all the bells and whisles like other baby/toddler seats do. So like the others, hers also had the seatbelts and the padded lap bar that came down across her head and locked in place up front.. Daddy was specially proud that he had found the right place to have it made for her.

Maybe on their way he could also find her a stroller as he was definitely going to need one sooner or later.
Sigh that's just a dream I suppose daddy quietly said to himself before he got into the drivers seat of his car.

Daddy as he sat looking at his sleeping daughter in her seat decided that he would not stop to go to WALMART or even at TARGETS because he thought it be better if he waited till he got to their destination first. Besides he already had enough formulas and made out baby bottles for her during the trip and had more than enough diapers for the two of them and if and when he did need to stop for gas or to get something to eat, he`d check her diapers and maybe get changed himself.But for now, all he would do is let her sleep while he concentrated on driving them to where he has made arrangements at for their stay during the next two weeks.
besides it was after all only 4:30 am and the freeways beckoned for him to get on his way.

Daddy potter knew from experience long before he had Christina/babyglp, that the earliest time out on the expressways was the best because of less traffic to worry about along the start of their way. And it also allowed his sleeping baby to not have to worry to much about the sunshine in her eyes therefore waking her up. She was most mornings very cranky and ill upon being woke up so leaving this early provided two benefits for the both of them. By the time the sun did finally rise he hoped they be more than half way into their trip and he could make a pit stop for them both some breakfast.

Chapter# 13.
After Daddy Potter had got across state line from Michigan, he did make a pit stop because he needed both some gas and a change. So he stopped at a truck stop called Raceway while his baby girl slept peacefully in her seat. and after he had finished filling up the cars tank Daddy gently checked his baby`s diaper finding it still dry for now. So Daddy Potter carefully locked up the car to go inside and pay for the gas plus also to get a quick change before continuing. As he was walking towards the station doors he noticed that a nice mobile home had also pulled in right across from where he was parked at to refuel up. Then he saw a older couple get out of it and noticed while the man was adding fuel, the lady began stretching out a bit and walking around.
Daddy thought it wasso special to see them together and continued on inside the store.
What he hadn't seen however was that the lady had seen his sleeping baby girl in her seat and taken a peek at her.

Chapter# 14.

In amazement after seeing the site of my baby girl she gestered for her husband so he also could see her.
Honey doesn't she look so sweet in her back seat car seat sleeping there.
I bet that who ever this vehicle belongs to is someone very lucky.
Honey she kinda reminds me of our special needs grand daughter Karen back at our daughters house in Kansas City.
And Aww look she even is still in diapers just like her also. and by the looks of it, she is wet.
Honey if we can id like to meet the parents or parent and offer my help to change her.
Sandy, I know you miss Karen because we both do, but look at her! she`s a lot older and bigger than she is.

I know John but no matter how old id still want to meet them and offer my help. besides, where do you think they can change her in private at anyways.
John we have this huge home here and if it isn't any trouble, id just the same, to offer our home here for it to be in private. poor girl!
OK,OK Karen you win as usual John said jokingly. I guess we can stay and make the time. besides I think she`s cute also dear. besides she also reminds us of our youger daughter in California. remember her! Yes John I do but she chose her lifestyle of returning to being a baby and we both accepted her decisions.

Chapter 15.
When Daddy had returned he was suprised to see the same mobile home, actually a bus styled slide out paneled RV, still parked there and also the older couple seated in some chairs by it door. That got Daddies couriousity and got his alarm going for fear that something had happened to his daughter or was just about to anyways, so he quickly with out causing suspicion made his way back to his car hoping nothing was wrong and that he could quickly get out of there. When he got back nearly to his car however, The two elderly couple got up out of their seats and walked over to meet him.
Hi were sorry to bother you here but my name is John and this is my beloved wife Karen. I hope you don't mind but my wife here noticed your sleeping baby girl there and also that she now is wet.
My wife and I both are retired physicians and my wife here would love to offer you our home here to privately change her in away from spying eyes. and also if its not any trouble to change her also.

Chapter 16.
Daddy had to think about that for a moment and finally decide they were right. So Daddy introduced himself to them and told them about his daughter there as he accepted the offer.
My daughter here isn't really related to me as you can see and also isn't really a she but a he. but he`s lost his mother to her rest and we have been role playing for so long and he has now long ago because of his voice and his deep down feelings accepted the way he/she is now.
See I adopted her because she cannot live alone by herself. Does that offend you in anyway now that you`ve learned about his/her decision? Both of them looked straight at Daddy and said that no they were not offended at all because they had a daughter who was living now as a baby and how much happier she now was and by the looks, your daughters also at peace.
besides if I wait any longer she`ll get herself a nasty rash so lets get her into a fresh diaper shall we?

chapter #17.
As Johns wife Karen was changing my baby girl, John and I talked outside. John said he once before retiring was a head orthopedic surgeon at a large hospital.
And Karen his wife was a gynecologist over at a mental hospital so both were familiar with peoples decisions to not grow up but stay a infant.
though at first when the term came out we were not to acceptable. it took their youngest daughter to change their minds about that and now they are glad it did.
Also they have a special needs grand daughter in Kansas City who is much younger than your daughter here.
By the way whats her name and where are you from?

Her name is Christina/baby glp. and my home is in Marquette Michigan.
That caught the attention of John now as he said their home up until a month ago had also been there. That made daddy look supprised and after a few more minutes he told them where he was taking his daughter to before Karen finally appeared carrying baby glp in her arms still sound asleep.

Chapter 18.
Mr Potter, she woke up briefly while I was changing her and I helped her fall back asleep. seems that she took to my arms fairly quickly. what happened to her mom anyways???
Her natural mother passed on naturally and about two weeks later I had her and she`s been in my care ever since. Well she didn't take to much to get her back asleep mr Potter. all I did was to rock her and softly sing her a luliby. then I finished getting her completely clean.
lets just get her back into her seat now shall we?
By the way,

Daddy had to smile at that and after telling her she said she`d need to maybe get two of those. one for her daughter, and one for her grand daughter. and then as we were getting ready to each leave, both John and Karen offered to help baby sit if Daddy ever needed it.

Chapter 19.
By the time Daddy had got to Wisconsin the sun had already begun to rise and daddy looked for a nice restaurant to stop at for breakfast.
He finally did stop at a I-HOP and the after parking and unbuckling his belt to get out, he looked back to check on his baby girl.
Then he opened his door and got out to stretch a bit before waking up his baby daughter.
When he did though, he checked her diaper to find it in need of a change so he got her diaper bag and hung it around his shoulder, got his baby girl unbuckled and together they walked inside holding hands to go straight to the family wash room to change her then went to get a table. the restaurant was not crowded at the time and was almost empty, and there was maybe at least 4 colledge aged teen ager girls as witreses. and afer seeing my baby girl thought she was cute. our table server even asked if she needs help eating her food and since I had decided to leave her baby bottles out in the car did ask if they wouldn't mind putting her drinks into her sippy cup. and because they kept looking and asking, I finally agreed to let them feed her while I ate my own watching carefully.
my meal was pancakes and eggs and sausage with grits and coffee, hers was grits, srambled eggs and apple juice.
it was kind of pleasant for daddy to watch them help feed his big baby girl.

Chapter 20.
Daddy finally arrived in appleton about Lunch time and after checking in at a Mariatte and getting them their rooms decided it was time to check his babys diaper and to feed her her bottle and baby food before putting her down for her nap. truthfully daddy was also tired so after she had eaten he ate something himself and they both took a good nap. However Christina/ baby glp woke up first before her Daddy and since she wasn't in her crib restrained by her bars she quickly got up and made a mess of things. she next found the toothpaste and decided it to be fun if she got it all over herself, then she found the fridge interesting and just as her daddy was waking up, she was just about to figure the door out.
Boy was Daddy ever not to happy to see their things scattered all over everywhere and her covered in toothpaste.

to be continued.......
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