Love Letters That I Wrote In Vain For Her.

Once upon a time I used to love writing love letters to this particular gal. I would write to her nearly every week and i would also sent her greeting cards together with those letters. And on Valentine's day and on her Birthdays, i would always sent her lovely cards without fail. I would spent some time in my room thinkin of all those lovely words that i wanted to write in those letters in the hope that she would appreciate the sincere efforts that i did for her sake. Well, i am proud to say that I am the only guy who is willing  to write all those silly letters and greeting cards for her, but sadly she dont give a damn about it and she only regards those letters of mine as stupid and silly. She has already forgotten about me and she has never contacted me again and I am very sure that she will never finds me again. She hates me alot now because i had exposed her deceptions and lies towards me. Her only true intentions was just to make use of me for money. She has a heart of evil full of deceptions towards me and since then she has never calls me again and she will never do. I am very very damn sure that she has thrown away all those letters and greeting cards that i used to sent her. Those letters of mine that she had already threw away, means nothin to her in terms of sentimental values as she has never loves me and she hates me so much now because I stood up to her evil ways towards me. Her evil black filthy heart fails to make her realise all those letters that she regards as silly and stupid was once written by me a lad who had sacrificed alot for her sake in the past.  But those sacrifices of mine ended in vain in the end, together with those love letters of mine that she had already dumped in the bin.
yazed yazed
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 25, 2010

I am sorry to hear and ty for shareing. Yazed you have a gift and a talent that she does not recognize, dont be so down and fill it with hates. Yes its sad that some ppl dont see such things and value it as they should. But dont stop and dont give up, she did not derserve you and everythign you do. Someone else will and i hope u heal up soon from all this bc that someone who does see the magic in you will be worth everythign and more that you never have. This is what makes life worth living adn dieing for,,this is what makes it special..... The Greatest Thing You WiLL Ever Learn is Just to Love and Be Loved in Return... Best Wishes ~