Hey Everyone

hey guy's and girl's, i really big wrestling fan :-), and if there is any one out there that love talking about it then feel free to message me :D
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Am English and love the WWE! Very fake but great entertainment, can you add me?

i love pro wrestling, and the wwe is good viewing at the moment. my faves in wwe would probably be dolph ziggler, wade barret, kane, sheamus, natalya and daniel brian. oh and zack ryder and randy orton. and big show and mark henry. and, and... well, they have an awesome roster, what can i say! and when kharma returns, she's going right back to the top of my "fave five" (lols).<br />
<br />
i'm training as a wrestler myself; who knows if i make it or not, but it's my ultimate career goal anyway. lots from the uk have been making in-roads to the big leagues in america and japan recently... hopefully there's room for me! some say that doing it stops you being able to be a fan, like you can't look at matches the same way any more... but i reckon i'll always be a fan. i've been training for almost a year now and i still watch wrestling like i used to. i pick up on the technical stuff a lot more, sure, but it's not like i don't have fun watching it. wrestling rules. greatest sport on the planet! :)

yeah i love wrestling i think it's great tbh :-) yeah i no that really sucks about edge

yeah me too lool :-)

i hate him to gow i wished the wwe would get rid of him

loool i hate him, he drive me up the wall every single time i watch raw... but cant stop watching it lol

lol ok i almost stoped watching raw cause of micheal cole

lool ok ok ok i start watching it lol

well u should

what hell, were the hell have i bin, didnt even that.... dont watch tna tbh lool

are u kiddin he spent ten days and got 36s month probation thats why hes back in tna

yeah i no cm punk did, never use like him for what he did yo jeff, but just like him atm if you no what i mean, though jeff was going to prison ?

hes coming back if he can stay off drugs u know it was cm punk who called the cops on him

yeah he is amazing i really want him to come back :-)

well it would have to be jeff hardy

mine is 3 triple hhh cm punk and randy orton :) u ?

mine is 3 triple hhh cm punk and randy orton :) u ?

yea whos ur wrestler

yeah me to, i watch it all the time. play it on ps3 2 :D

i lvoe wrestling