Controversy Creates Ca$h!!!!!!!!

I have been a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment since 1998. I truly miss the good ole' days when I had to sneak and watch wrestling because of Stone Colds' potty mouth and Billy Guns....Well you know... Anyway the story lines used to be so awesome. The Rock, Stone Cold, Mr. H's, Viscera, The Original DX, Jericho, the Diva's that were actually worth watching, and the ever-so disfunctional McMahons made for some awesome backstage, onstage, parking lot drama. I could go on and on and list countless stars that made wrestling in my younger years worth watching. Unfortunately things have changed a bit. My favorite wrestlers have either gotten old, quit, and/or went to TNA. I'm noticing that the WWE is trying to do away with the bubble gum image and bring some folks back, but it's not working. I think they should just do their best with what they have. The cat's outta the bag. Mr. H's is a comp'ny man now and The Rock has lost his thunder. All and all I still love WWE and I'm glued to the set as often as I can be like a little kid waiting to see if something is going to bring back the feeling I had when I was younger. Booker T is the only older wrestler that still gets me PUMPED!!! MY all time favorite wrestler right now is WADE BARRETT!!! I love him. He is gorgeous and he has that important  "it factor." Batista was number 1 on my list until he quit. I hope he comes back. I need the ANIMAL in my life again!!!!
diamondd1va diamondd1va
18-21, F
Dec 17, 2011