Wwe's Treatment Of The Divas Is Sad

I have been a WWE fan for 12 years now and I'm also a fan of the divas past and present. I think the PG era is killing the Divas/women's division now more than ever. With one of the WWE Divas quitting last week (Maxine) and one of the popular Divas taking a break and rumoured to be leaving (Kelly Kelly) and with more rumours that several divas may also leave it is pretty much proof that WWE no longer cares not only about the divas but the fans of the divas as well.

Now on the internet I read the same stuff over and over such as "WWE should quit hiring models", "Most of the divas can't wrestle" and so on and it is now getting old and pathetic. Funny how when it comes to the models bit they seem to forget that many of the past WWE divas were in fact models like Trish Stratus for example.

One thing I have noticed when attending WWE house shows is if there is a diva match the matches are a lot better then the ones we see on TV with the matches actually being as long as a standard men's match which is usually between 4 to 8 minutes long. Not only that but it also shows that certain divas who people say can't wrestle can wrestle (the first house show I went to there was a divas tag match that featured Kelly Kelly and Melina against Beth Phoenix and Layla), thing is it's a shame that WWE has a policy about fans not allowed to video the house shows cause if they didn't I wouldn't be surprised that many of the critics of the divas out there would shut up when they see that every single WWE diva can indeed wrestle.

Sad thing is not only is Vince McMahon no longer a supporter of the divas but also Triple H is no fan either and since he will most likely be one of the people in charge of the company after Vince the divas division is most likely done for unless they hire someone to build up the division. That is really unfortunate considering the guy has three daughters and you would think that maybe in their current PG product they could use the divas to be good role models.

Fact is every WWE diva has a fan base out there of millions of people whether they are male, female, adult or child and while many fans will argue over their looks, their wrestling abilities, their characters on TV, their use on the shows and so on I think all the fans should put their differences aside and demand that WWE to change their views and attitudes towards their divas.
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Trish stratus was just a pretty face at first. But when she realized that this was something she wanted to do after getting in the ring a few times, she took training very seriously and got in there to show the world that no matter what size you are or what background you have or how you first started, you CAN do it. AJ is a perfect example. She's very tiny but she'll surprise you. I feel that way about TNA Knockouts as well. Angelina Love and Madison Rayne are some of the tiniest girls but they can take hard bumps and perform hard bumps. I don't think ever diva has a be big and built.<br />
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I'm not sure when the division will end, but I guess it is not anytime soon becuase we just had the Paige vs Sofia match on NXT, which was very impressive.

Very well written. I completely agree.