Slithering Fungus?

wow...what a lead in for a new story line. Rey and Kane?... possibilities. and the new title match for "Unforgiven". Heavyweight Scramble... possibilites... just wish they'd get over the same ones again and again. there's more talent... well there WAS more talent on the rosters.

Anybody surprsied by HBK?  Punk going chicago style...on Jericho..I like it.

Now the big disappointment of the night... Primo Calone. Carlito's little brother... give it a rest...most of our legacies and familia members are crap and not worth the ink on the contract...No one gives a damn about the names and names don't fill seats or buy pay per views folks.

Use the real talent in back instead of farming them out or releasing them so you can get the same tired names again and again.

Tzech Tzech
46-50, F
Aug 18, 2008