Wwe Diva's Reality Show

Personally I think this show is sort of stupid. First of all, I watched it and it was very boring and the Bella Twins plus that newbie diva, Eva Marie are total bit*hes. I mean, have some freaking respect towards other people and stop thinking you are so perfect and good at wrestling. Second of all, it;s making other male wrestlers like John Cena and Daniel Bryan (who are dating the Bella Twins) look like major idiots. It is ruining their image as badas* wrestlers. Natalya and the Funkadactles are cool and I have to problem with them. Nattie is a total sweetheart and deserves to have more screen time and ring time than all those other divas. I miss when Wwe had the Hardy brothers, The Rated R Superstar, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels and all those legends. And of course that stupid PG rating. Whoever is making the decisions for Wwe needs to take the fans opinions into consideration or else the world wide wrestling entertainment will go down the drain.
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4 Responses Aug 11, 2013

Omg I totally agree! I love the new show

I like WWE but never watched the show is it good ? I think you should add me so we can chat :)

I like kaitlyn and wish she was on it.

I agree with you there. I love the Total Divas show and I agree they need to go back to tv-14 and not this stupid pg crap. It's awesome that they are having a ring of fire match which is called inferno match at this years SummerSlam.