So some girl messaged me about how she loves WWE and we exchanged favorites. Her favorite current superstar is Undertaker.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what is current about him? He wrestles one match a year. I'm really not trying to sound like a Taker hater but the dude is basically non existent. People do know that they're allowed to have a favorite from this current generation of superstars, right? We don't have to be stuck back in the 90s.
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I do like the Undertaker, but what you said is true. Right now however, I really like Bray Wyatt, he's actually what got me into wrestling.

A lot of people seem to really enjoy Bray. I honestly think he should have won at Wrestlemania.

True, but there would've been SERIOUS heat with him

of all time: undertaker, Goldberg, Rock... currently: Roman reigns and dean Ambrose

i love Seth Rollins and Rusev at the moment, since he left the shield he's be awesome. Rusev been great since he's debuted.

Rollins is definitely under appreciated. He's so amazing. And Rusev grew on me after his match with Cena at Fastlane.

I say rollins is so damm good. I was running round the house and buzzing during his cash in at wrestlemania.

Hahaha, I actually cried. I was so excited. I was just hoping that it wouldn't backfire the entire time.

Yeah back of the mind was in doubt but surely he had to win. Last time i cheered like that was when the miz won the wwe title. What can i say i love heels lol.

Really?? I didn't know Miz had fans back then lol.
But it was a pretty exciting Mania. Haven't seen one that good in a while.

I enjoyed the miz back then he was great all year in 2010. Mania was great. Enjoyed the main event, orton/rollins, ladder match, rusev/cena. Sting/hhh made me laugh and mark out. Paige/aj won Which was a bonus. Love Paige. Lol

You know, I actually wasn't watching it back in 2010 so when I started watching again I was amazed to see that Miz had been champ lol.
But I enjoyed every match of it as well! It was so exciting though out the whole thing.. how you feeling about Aj leaving? :(

Not surprised, more surprised she came back. With the punk/wwe bad blood. Regarding the miz checkout his promo early 2010 he starts in the back and walks to the ring its part of his US title fued with MVP. Its awesome.

Yeah I guess it was coming, just nobody knew when. Punks bad attitude rubbed off on her lol.
I will check it out!! I used to watch wwe videos all the time on YouTube. It's how I got caught up during my hiatus lol. Hell, with the network, I could probably go back and watch a few of his matches.

Punk attitude rubs on a lot of people. He always been like that never been one for being quiet. Lol. Surprised he got married to be fair.

I am too!! He always seemed like a player. Went through a lot of divas lol.

Just a few maria, beth, lita im sure there's more. Lol

There was a few from his indie days as well. Some ugly ones lol.

lol, wrestling is just mad for relationships. Edge & beth are together with a child. Miz & Maryse are married. Bryan & Brie & Natayla & Tyson are married.

I know!!! You also got Nikki and Cena, Ambrose and Renee Young, Jimmy Uso and Naomi, Lesnar and Sable, Undertaker and Michelle McCool... aah the list goes on and on lol. It's just easier for them because they travel so much

god i forgot about renee and Ambrose. i should really stop watching total divas. lol.

Hahahaha!! I know, that's where I learned that Alicia fox and wade Barrett had dated

i've only watched a few. some of its just too fake even for us wrestling fans. like when summer rae went to Natayla house and ended up slapping her. lol

I know right! They say it's just reenactments of events that actually occurred but I doubt something like that even happened.

lol. ive not watched any of the ones with Paige yet. it would be interested she how she's on it. i love Paige. got to fellow brit.

Paige is even more amazing on the show lol. A lot of people seem to like it better with her on it. She's so relatable.

she is to be fair, listening to her on jericho podcast. you can tell she loves wrestling. she been all over the world even before wwe.

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To be fair, it's kind if hard to find/have a favorite in this generation.
Though, I do favor Wyatt and Reigns

I actually think they've had a pretty solid roster lately. There's a lot of newer talent that are just as good as anyone from the Attitude Era.

When i was a teener , my twin brothers were obsessed with Under taker and a silly wrestler called "stone cold" steve austin , i was really hate them , frankly i was getting away from the room when i see them , thanks god for their giving up the wrestling (: .

lol what's wrong with Daniel

I'm a fan of Daniel bryan an bray

Aah, a Daniel Bryan fanboy lol.