I've been a fan of wrestling for about two years now. I plead the 5th that it's because of Total Divas but also because I used to watch it with my Great Grandmother when I was younger. I was too young to keep up with it but I just watched because she was. In a way I feel that my newfound love for wrestling keeps me connected to my Great Grandmother. I've really grown to love the sport for more than good looking wrestlers, lol! Seeing thier work ethic, passion and dedication to living a dream and entertaining the crowd is what I've grown to love about wrestling.
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I also like the divas especially kelly kelly as she has the stinkface move! Boy one of my friends should so have to smell that ***!!!

Ive been watching for 18 years and still love it lol

You are so right! But the looks sure as hell don't hurt! ;)

Not at all! All though I am very hetero I have to admit the Divas are hot too lol!

It is a shame that they make the divas wear tights but not the men. :P

Im glad to see you've join the wildside lol. 24 years ivr been watching it.

thanks!! I hate that I missed the Attitude Era but with NXT doing so well I think I'm happy to be a fan during this PG Era

I loved nxt, whos ur fav?

I haven't been keeping up with NXT but I think I'm about to start because of the new recruits they just signed. I will say that Bayley and Sami Zayn have caught my attention so far.

Zayn is awesome so is finn balor. Seen his facepaint. Sorry i just wrestling. Lol.

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