john cena already holds the record for the most wwe title reins of all time! bet most of you never knew that!
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John cena 15 times
Rick flair 16 times

john Cena is a 15 time champion within the wwe. rick flair is a 16 time champion for different organisations. this makes cena the most wwe title holds of all time

No all of rick Flair's titles were obtained through wwe/WWF or a company owned by wwe such as wcw
Hence why the record stands in Flair's favour

Wcw and wwe were seperate companies

Yes they were however when WWE took it over they also took overthe wcw world heavyweight championship (big gold) and blended its history into the history of wwe so while the company was different, because the title was taken over, so was its history

Ok well I got the statement of a wwe page so I'm inclined to believe what I read

How about this
If I marry someone their history doesnt start from that point, they'll always have history
Its the same with the titles

Also my facts are from


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guys wwe is not fake! scripted yes but they do break their bodies!

And he gets to sleep with Nikki Bella damn he's a lucky man

hehe. I'm being serious about the championship thing!

i know you are. Cena is a great wrestler who doesn't get the full credit he deserves.