anyone on here watch WWE?????
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10 Responses Aug 29, 2015

Every Raw, NXT and PPV's. Not so much Smackdown.

Yes I do. There story lines have been horrible lately.

and my bad, didn't see the age restriction on your profile till just now... Just saw the question and decided to answer.. Have a good one.

Been a fan since I can remember, I was 4-5 and there's pictures of me with wrestling figures & WWF shirts, wrestling masks, went to my first show in 96 or 97 I was awesome! Remember a fatal 4 way between undertaker, mankind, Vader, and stone cold... at the Cow Palace in San Francisco/Daly City... Been to so many shows since...was at the raw in Oakland when stone cold had quit... The Rock made a surprise return & laid out Brock Lesnar after cameras stopped recording, recently did the Whole wrestlemania weekend thing went to NXT Friday, Mania Sunday & Raw Monday, such a great weekend... Now I'm still trying to make up all the money I spent in that couple of days but no complaints. Great experience.


yes but I prefer to watch indie promotions like TNA, CZW, Ring Of Honor etc. WWE is still enjoyable though


:) did u see the green arrow va stardust

Was it worth the watch

Me :) Been watching it since I was a teenager :)

Yeah :) Awesome! Loved the NXT event too :)

I watched WWF, now it's a complete show.

Lol, it was called WWF before it was WWE