I love Seth Rollins' theme music
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And, "just for the record", I don't like Kevin Owens either, but WOW, what a talent! Such a good "bad guy", again, GREAT for the biz! :-)

I agree. Kevin Owens is an excellent heel

A great heel yes, and TOTAL up-and-comer, love to see him reach the top!, well kinda, maybe opposite Cena or Orton,,I still say those two are the main events..... :-(, sorta, LOL

NOT a big fan of Rollins,, but damn, he is a good Heel, and good for business!

I will agree with you as far you saying that he is a good heel and best for business. He is the best choice for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the moment.

I could go on all night on this, back and forth,, point and counterpoint,, for hours, but I can't argue! I'd like to see Rollins v Lesnar all day, "twice on Sunday", no interference, no dumb ****, straight-up, 45 mins, etc,, no matter who wins, old-school NWA circa early 90's, Wrestlemania headliner style,, but Imust aagree, Rollins is the man right now......

Yes he is for sure

I remember hating Flair so much at the height of the Horsemen Run-In era, I kinda feel like that towards Rollins now, only he's on his own now and doing it himself, mostly,, although I just disagree with him adopting the Pedigree, he's good enough to have his own move,, and I DON'T mean the Curb Stomp, something new!?

He needs a submission


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