Roman Reigns won again, I used to like him but I'm tired of seeing him win everything he's given. He's like Superman, nobody likes a man who always wins who still desperately cries for attention. We need him to become Batman, be less friendly, prove to be beatable. He already had the dark clothes to be Batman, he just needs personality change.What's weirder is he said this quote: "There are things you just don't do in life, you don't tug on Superman's cape" but right now that's what Reigns is doing, tugging that dang cape and I'm getting tired of it. I liked it better when he was small like everyone else
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His look is very Batman like, but when he opens his mouth, it ruins it a bit. When he speaks, he loses the badass image.

The way it's looking, it seems like Reigns is going to win the main event. I personally don't want that happen but I'm hoping something else could turn out. Roman is boring :P

Yeah he isn't ready to be a main focus yet

Well, that have to use him. Too many people are injured

I'd love to see HHH vs RKO xD

Why won't they push brotha Ambrose?

He's not much of a main event-type, and if he won that match that would have been very crazy and a really big push

Remember, it was Ambrose home town lol

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To further prove he is the WWE version of Superman, what's that strike called??? SUPERMAN PUNCH!!!

Roman reigns turned Fast Lane into FAST LAME