The Attitude Era

...was the best. HHH and the real DX kicking ***.  Stone Cold Steve Austin stunnered someone new every week. The Brothers of Destruction were raising all-mighty hell, the Rock whopping candy *** and trash talking everybody and their momma....those were the days. And we actually had females that did more than stand around and look pretty. These chicks handled their business. China, Trish Stratus, Jacqueline, Ivory, and my all time favorite, Lita. I remember the Hardy Boys, The Dudley Boys, Chris Benoit, The Acolytes, Bossman, Val Venis, Los Guerreros, The Godfather, and Too Cool. I never missed an episode. But over the years, things changed. Wrestler went off to do other things, some died, some were dropped from the company. I don't watch it much now b/c it kinda sucks with all these new cats that have no charisma and all these chicks that don't have the same pizazz as those before them. Hopefully the writers will get back on track and revive the era that made the wwe what it is today

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

I am an English WWE fan and have been for years now,I have in my collection all the ppvs that have been done and even own a load of wwe magazines including a wrestlemania 18 special edition. I have to agree attitude was one of the best if not the best part of the wwf/e lifespan and with DX APA RTC it had you screaming at the tv the hardcore title was a hit with fans then sadly it changed into the pg era. The days of the TLC matches the 24/7 rulingin the hardcore title all over and done with. I dontthink we will ever see or feel the emotions we all felt then and no matter how much we could plead with the writers of wwe we wont ever be able to show our children what we would regard as a historic part of wwe. This pg era is rubbish no real matchesany more its about time the producers realised kids will see worse in cartoons or sadly their homes. As for us oldies well I supposewe will just have to see what they have in store for us

Yes. it was an awesome time. <br />
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You now this year is "the streak v the career". 'Taker v HBK. Looks like more and more of the old guard are bowing out. But what memorable matches they leave us with.