Best In The World's- Cm Punk

Since I was little I have always enjoyed watching CM Punk. But when he turned heel and was enemies with Jeff Hardy I kind of well… hated him. But I've gotten over that and I've grown some respect for him. He is really one of the best in the world. And I've got to say Punk is very handsome too. I've grown up with CM Punk and I will always love and look up to him.

It's April 16, and I just saw on Raw that Cm Punk left the arena… he hugged Paul Heyman and just left.  Everyone is freaking out saying that he left the Wwe, or he quit.  Now, I think he has an injury and needs time off.  He needs time to go visit his family and live his life for a little.  Eventually Punk will come back to the Wwe, he will find the right moment to come back and get his rightful Wwe championship back!  I will miss him in the time being, but in that time I guess I'll continue to write my fanfiction… It's very popular, just go on the site 'Wattpad'  and look up 'Space Boy (Cm Punk Story)  I am almost finished!  
ISellCrackForTheCIA ISellCrackForTheCIA
18-21, F
Sep 25, 2012