im on my first trip of xanax.
i took 40mg
great stuffffffff!
reynaa reynaa
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So you took 20 bars? Holy smokes. Please tell me your not drinking or doing any other opiates.

your a liar.... you did not take 40 mgs... that is 20 bars... come on now....

I take 2-4 bars a day and they don't make me tiered at all.they help me relax and focuse.sounds like another case of someone tryung to get "high"off them. If u don't get them from a doc don't take them! That's why they're a prescribed medication because there is people like me who actyally need them andd If someone took 60mil of xanax your heart would prob stop.

i take 2mg most of the time but if im feeling good i will only take half or a quater of a tab

I only take .5 mg and it knocks me out! I sit down and before I know it I am asleep! How does anybody take more than that??

Xanax arent 2mg bars only. <br />
<br />
They come in 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2mg. 0.25 and 0.5 being the most common in EU as some countries band 1+. Get your facts straight lilbluefbs!

the bars are 2mg each your retarded u would be dead!

Heya darl.. do yo mean 6mg? Coz I been on this crap for 6 yrs and and I'm weaned down from 8 mg a day to 2-4 mg a day. Pretty sure at 60mg you would not be feeling so good, def not typing anyhoo.xxxxx

correction, i took 6omg

!? how do you take 60 and not die? i once took 9 and was passed out for 2 days.