Xanax Doesn't Seem To Be Addictive To Me

I guess ill start by saying I first came across xanax after a nasty break up with an exgirlfriend.. I was hanging out with an old friend and she suggested we went out and got f****d up, at that point I had no idea what xanax was, didn't even know it was called xanax or that it was prescribed, I literally didn't know anything about it, so my friend got a hold of a few of em, we went back to my house & split em and that was my first time, I popped 2 & a half and crashed out after 5 hours.

My second experience was months after that & i went like a month or two popping xanax every other day if not everyday, that was the s***t for a while & yet I never got hooked on it to the point where I needed them or would feel depressed without them or any weird s***t like that, I would do them to party & feel good & sometimes because it helped me go thru hard stuff .. I could go months with out popping xanax before I do them again, I don't know if that's just me, I guess that's why I don't understand how people get addicted to them and don't stop because I've never had a problem with that... Ive tried I few other things too because cmon I'm young, but never became attached to anything, a big part of that was that I didn't like the feeling of any of them if that makes any sense, I like xanax of course but even that doesn't become addictive to me... Is it just me?
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4 Responses Feb 28, 2012

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Hey man you still selling? Do you do samples? Thanks

You're playing with fire.

yeah bud thats just you. try taking 3 or 4 bars a day for a few weeks straight .. you will become addicting to the great feeling

Takem everyday for awhile and find out. Only taking them for little amounts at a time u prob Wouldnt have any side effects