I have been diagnosed with bi-polar and severe anxiety issues at the age of 14. It caused me alot of problems in school and later at my jobs, I been in treatment for so long I honestly think that all the mental hospitals and other treatment programs have in some ways made me feel like I wanted to be this way! The psychiatrists all seem to have different ideologys on how to treat it and most just want to load you up with all kinds of medicines it makes you feel like an experiment. After years of being trapped in a group home I finally said their has to be more ways to deal with these issues than just sitting around in group after group and feeling left out of society. I finally found a mh facility who uses a different approach and feel much better working at a job like most people do and not relying on others to get around to talk seriously with you. I love going to work and with proper medications been able to do well at it and even got my own little bachelors apartment.I tapered off all the zyprexa effexor and a few others and do fine with just my xanaxxr and seroquel, I used to be on the ativan but found the xanax worked a whole lot better for me and I can perform well at my job and am not tired all day from the zyprexa so that is where I am at today and plan to stay on this med combo for as long as I have too!-thanks-Rich
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<p>Hi Rich<br />
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