My Xanax Battle

I was prescribed Xanax about a year ago an it was wry effective in treating my anxiety unfortunately like many others I became addicted to them and my tolorance grew very fast I was up to 15 mg a time before I went into rehab to get off them safely and im scared because now after saying I would never take them again an have to go thro the horrifying withdrawls of them I find my self an my anxiety getting the best of me an I'm getting depressed because I feel like Xanax is the only thing that can help me an idk what to do because I know we're I will end up if I start using Xanax again but at the same time feel like I need them what should I do please help
Karenctld119 Karenctld119
1 Response Aug 4, 2012

i feel like i learned a lot from xanax when i was taking it. i took risks that i wouldnt have normally taken, wore outfits i wouldnt have the balls to do before, didnt worry so much about what other people thought....and everything was still okay. i realized that though i had really ****** up my life multiple times, and still came out ok. i worried and worried about the WORST THING EVER happening all the time...and some things dad DID die and my boyfriend DID leave me. But I'm okay. My friends were still there, people still loved me, life goes on. I guess xanax taught me that stress never did anything but hurt me and push people away, so although i still think a lot about things i have a good friend in my head telling me that my worries are futile. cause when i wore that crazy outfit the world didnt come crashing down, adn when i xanax-dialed that long lost crush he answered and said hello. and if he didnt, **** it anyway., not meant to be. i dont take xanax anymore because i dont need it and its dangerous, but i thank it for what it has taught me. iCAN overcome my fears,i can wear that outfit and call that boy, on or off pills. be my own version of crazy,and ill get where i need to go. never be afraid to seek help for addiction going to NA (narcotics anoymous) is great for anyone in recovery, its just like this, but REAL PEOPLE!

much love