Xanax In A 12-hour Flight

I have an upcoming 12-hour flight (from Tokyo to Atlanta) and I suffer from mild-severe flight panic and I was wondering if anybody have had an experience with xanax on such a long flight.

I have 4.5mg of xanax divided in 0.5 mg pills. I was wondering if I should take them all at once or spread them, let's say, 1mg every 3 hours?

Please, let me know your experiences, advices and anything you can comfort me with (I suffer from severe flight panic and I just want to relax and forget about the panic and try to sleep)

Thank you!
JuanCo27th JuanCo27th
2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

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Well if you have never ever taken xanax g should be fine for the 12 hour flight.My first time I blacked out and I don't remember getting to my bed bud I woke up at 2pm I usually wake up around 6am

I think you'll be fine just taking 2mg