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I love xanax. it is my friend. if I could take it all day everyday I would.  It makes my breathing and heart rate so slow my heart will stop.  but I love the feeling it gives me.  like i'm floating even though i'm barely walking around.  I could be a hysterical basket case take one of those and i'm a-ok and lovin it. :) mmmm yummy.

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That "high" your talking aout goes away quickly and that's not what there for. Sorry not trying to preach but theonly time ie ever felt anything was the very first time I took a bar ana yeah all my anxiety and everything jut melted away but if you take them regularly like I do they just even u out. I'm prescribed 3 2mg bars a day and all they do I keep me level ut I will agree they are a wonderful source of help iff u need it especially if u get pain pills with them. I get 20mg of oxycodone and at nigh that como knoccks me out and I don't lay in bed with my mind racing. Good luck

Alprazolam or Xanax helped me manage my anxiety, it relaxes me like no other man can. Plus it gives me no bad side effects. Two thumbs up for this one! I got it at

I've had anxiety and insomnia for a year. I have only been taking Xanax for one week now and I am finally getting some long overdue sleep which should help the anxiety & stress. Hopefully won't have to take it for an extended period. I feel great.Actually i got it from and i love it!

i wish i had one right now or 2 whatever works

what is it are fore chocjoe2

its ok take topomax for the seizures and you'll feel even better than when you were on xanny. I drove to sandiego on topomax and didn't realize it until I was there! (its a 2.5 hour drive well it was when i lived in cali and took that medication for that problem damn drugs) :D

isn't xanax bad? i heard that withdrawal can give you psychosis and epileptic seizures.

Hello dear.What you have to know first is that xanax is a drug that needs lots of precautions before it is consumped but how ever with the help of a good specialist like my self you have nothing to worry about.First you have to know a little bit about the drug before you can consump it.
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XANAX is not for treating pain just after a surgery unless you were
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I've had seizures when I forgot my medsw on a trip ut I've never heard of any one getting phychosis ffrom them and I've been on them for a few years but I can deff tell you if you take them regulary and stop cold turkey there a good chance u can have a seizure but risk worth reward