Who Needs Romance...

when you've got a full bottle? I call it candy for my head. (It's in reference to www.illwillpress.com )The cartoons of Foamy and Pilzy! Pilzy says, "And the doctors, and the candy, and the dead baby heads..." and I can't understand what he says beyond that. I do so love Xanax.

Aw8ingf8 Aw8ingf8
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6 Responses Mar 5, 2010

HA! HA! Damn right, Punky! =D

LOL WScars & Pumplin, now now, ladies! We are all grown ups now. We know better than to mix our drugs with alcohol! LMAO

LMAO I don't forget things on Klonopin. I have a scary high tolerance for all benzodiazapines! It would make Rush Limbaugh blush!

Benzo's make me feel pretty inside! :) Warm and fuzzy! They also make me more relaxed, thus, more myself and less depressed. I can be silly and funny, and goofy, and hump a ********'s leg. Oh, that's for the Dirty ole man story. My bad. I has klonopin because there's a girl who loves me that gave it to me.

See, it's the lil things that make me happy! Like joggers, Xanax, or better yet Klonopin. :) The occasional lap dance is real groovy too! =D

Klonopin is my favorite but my doctor will only give me Xanax. :( I'd gives you one, Pumpkin, if we worked together. We could all be warm and euphoric!