Will someone face sit me plz but maybe tie me up to a bed or something so i have no control over it
jordanmelonhead jordanmelonhead
41-45, M
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i identify as transgender,i would sit on a nose..

Hey man, I've had this done to me on a few occasions, both by ex gf's, they wore spiked heels, thongs, crotchless/assless yoga pants, and bare assed...I'm sure they would love to tie u up and sit on your face as they do this for fun when they pick up a guy at the bar and take him home, they have done this together and alone.

Tell them to come find me they can keep me tied up all day and use me as much as they like

hi...thanks for the reply about my 2 mean exs, if I'd like n have the time I will gladly tell u about the things they've done together in groups of 2 or more and alone to guys?

Yes I would love to here more about this

I want to hear about it too

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with pleasure :* where are yu frm?

with pleasure :* where are yu frm?