Addicted To Yoga

Yoga. Just the word itself relaxes me. Recently I learned that the original purpose of yoga was to prepare your mind for meditation. I never knew that. I thought yoga’s goals were to tone the body, relax the mind, reduce stress, and release toxins. Hearing that it prepares one for meditation puts a new light on my practice. Of course, I will still be thankful for the other benefits of yoga, but now I have a new goal.

Meditation is not something I do easily. In fact, besides yoga practice and massage, it’s rare that I hold still and focus on the moment. Yet doing so can make such an impact on our well being. Meditating also brings us more awareness: of ourselves, our world, and our place in the world. I recently read Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, an amazing book with so many lessons. It’s a short read and will add meaning to your life, I promise.

In yoga class the other day, I overheard two women talking.

“It’s like an addiction,” one woman said about yoga. “I tried to explain it to my husband, but he just doesn’t get it.”

Some men get it. I truly think the world would be a better place if more men took yoga and got it. Just think how the trajectory of this modern world could be changed if more people practiced yoga to reduce their stress and achieve a better sense of well being. We’d find ourselves in a more peaceful world.

I believe the spread of yoga among women these days, its mainstream appeal, is a huge leap toward a more peaceful world. Just imagine. If more and more women take yoga and inhale and exhale the peaceful thoughts that yoga brings, the energy is bound to make a difference. Soon the men in our lives will wonder what’s come over us and maybe they will try yoga, too, and get it.

I’m thankful I found yoga and yoga found me. If you haven’t experienced it, try a class. It will change you for the better.
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Some men do get it.

the ancient meaning of Yoga is tie or yoke. the ancient use of yoga was to unite with the Universal Love within all. Hatha Yoga, which is usually what a person means nowadays when speaking of Yoga was originally a preparation for one of the spiritual Yoga techniques, such as Kriya, in which the practitioner goes beyond the mind -- gets the mind out of the way.

Great story Whispering! I always knew it was for meditation and I never knew you could actually tone the body so well. I love strecthing all day long so this is perfect for me but I have never explored attending a yoga class. I'd love to be able to follow some kind of routine, if any one has any suggestions as far as tapes or books I can follow, I'd be so grateful!. Kudos on the Siddhartha as well. It is a a short read but neverthless inspiring.

I recommend taking a class if you can. Besides learning the poses correctly, there's a sense of community in a class that isn't the same at home in front of a DVD. Ask at your local studio if they'll let you try a class for free. It's so fun and rewarding. I always say doing yoga is like getting a massage -- not quite but almost. Good luck!