Yoga Tips For Beginners

  • The most appropriate time for practicing Yoga is in the morning. It is the time when the mind is calm, composed and fresh and the body movements can be performed with considerable ease and vigor.

  • To get started you need to have the urge and confidence in yourself.

  • To practice Yoga you must choose a place which is calm, quiet, ventilated, dust free, moisture free and distraction free.

  • Before you start Yoga, you must clear your bowels and bladder; clean your nostrils and throat of all mucus. You must also drink a glass of lukewarm water.

  • Wait for a few minutes and then you can start.

  • Like all other work outs you must begin with easy poses, thereafter you can advance to the tough ones. Be methodical and systematic.

  • Remember, to start with your movements should be light and if you feel fatigue in between you must discontinue.

  • Yoga must energize and not cause weariness and depression.

  • You must take breaks in between if a particular step or exercise proves tiring.

  • If you practice Yoga, your diet should be a balanced and you should eat after an interval of 4 hours.

  • The quantity of food should be such that it satisfies your appetite.

  • Over eating and fasting should be avoided. At the same time you must try to avoid stale food.

  • Yoga clothing should be loose and as comfortable as possible. Form-fitting cotton/Lycra pants and shirts are the best.

  • While performing Yoga your breathing should be long and deep. You must remember to keep your mouth close and inhale and exhale only through the nose.

  • You should always keep a Yoga mat made of some comfortable materials. For lying postures use a woolen carpet, and spread a clean sheet over it.

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36-40, M
1 Response Jul 31, 2012

I loved yoga, but war injuries and other abuses to my body has taken it out of my reach.

i am really sorry for that, you are a brave man and i believe you can start it again.

although it is not recommended method but you can try starting from prayanams, many people have benefited this way.

Best Wishes

Thank you, I will give it another shot and go real slow.

You are right my friend, you have to go slow.

you can share with me about your progress, as i have also gone through some surgeries, but may be not like your.

thank you and best wishes