I have been teaching yoga for awhile now. I first got into yoga in my teens. I found it helped me centre myself. Those mornings when I felt I just couldn't go to school or had a fght with family or friends I would go to my local gym and go to a yoga class. It would help ground me and let me see things a lot clearer.

I now have the chance to help other people. I teach at a gym and at a yoga centre. Yoga is taught differently in a gym to a yoga centre. A lot of the time at gyms its a 30 minute class so nobody wants to bother with meditation. I try to put what I can in my gym classes so that everybody can get the benifits

Zzzgirl Zzzgirl
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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

I know sleepless loves yoga! WE should hold a class here. Deep relaxing thoughts!