I have done yoga for about ten years on and off now.

I started doing it again more regularly and with an instructor who teaches Kripalu yoga. I am amazed! It is more a philisophical type of yoga with a more Westernized focus. It maintains that you should listen to yourself and trust yourself and be kind to yourself. From there, you will improve your practice. I absolutly love it! I want to get instructor trained, but I don't know how to take off from work for the four week training. I am considering just quitting, but am afraid to make the leap.

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So I did it. I jumped in and have been getting certified to teach yoga. I am almost done with my training- it has been a long haul. It will have been a year and a half by the time I am done in January (once a month for a whole weekend instead of the intensive residency that some offer. Gotta keep the puppy in the kibble she is accustomed to!)<br />
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I am close to being burned out but it has been a nice constant in what has been a difficult couple years since this first post. So wow! I have had 3 additional miscarriages since the first post, and just in the last year it has been a deluge of bad stuff. I've had 2 IVF treatments that failed, my father died holding my hand, my husband's grandmother-who I was close to-died, my husband and I had to put our awesome cat down, the cat that we have had since I was in high school had to be put down, and my sister has suffered with alcoholism and mental illness and between me and my mom and sisters have been taking care of her son (oh yes, the irony is not lost on me). All this has also put a strain on my marriage. But this election is probably what will put me over the edge if McCain and that insane woman win.<br />
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Yoga has been a consistent support and gets me out of bed. I still don't know if I actually want to teach yoga. I have been doing it to help me through the fertility stuff and now it has helped with all the other crap. <br />
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Another IVF treatment coming up this month. I'll just keep breathing in and out and thinking compassionate thoughts toward others. I suppose that even means Sarah Palin, John McCain and George Bush. I draw the line at the Fox News people. A girl can only do so much.

Oh, good for you! Whether you do it now or wait til you have a more solid - and comforting- plan, it's so great to feel so impassioned about it, and to know what you want to do. My teacher is Kripalu-based, too, and is always always always saying to listen to your body. I love it too and felt a little 'out-of-control' (for lack of a better phrase) when I recently took a vinyasa class with another teacher. Felt like I didn't have time to listen to my body.<br />
Anyway, good luck with your decision and like av789 said, keep us posted!