I Love Chobani

So I love yogurt and frozen yogurt, here where I live there used to be a frozen yogurt place called TCBY that my mom and I used to go to and I loved their chocolate frozen yogurt and I used to always put gummy bears and oreo cookie crumbs in it lol. TCBY isn't here anymore and I've been trying to find another store bought yogurt to take their place and I found it in Chobani. TCBY will always be my favorite but I love chobani now.

I tried Yoplait and didn't like it I thought it was disgusting (no offense to the Yoplait lovers). Then I tried another yogurt that was greek yogurt (my first time trying greek) and it was gross too. So finally I tried Chobani bluebery flavor and I loved it. I haven't tried the other flavors yet but I'm going to. The drug store I can get them from has them for $1.05 each and they have strawberry, peach, blueberry, Pomegranate and plain.

Chobani has Non-fat & low-fat flavors, here's a list from their Facebook Page (Chobani Champions is for kids):

0% Plain: 6, 16, 32oz
0% Apple Cinnamon: 6oz
0% Black Cherry: 6oz
0% Blood Orange: 6oz
0% Blueberry: 6oz
0% Honey: 6oz
0% Lemon: 6oz
0% Peach: 6oz
0% Pomegranate: 6oz
0% Raspberry: 6oz
0% Strawberry: 6, 32oz
0% Vanilla: 6, 16, 32oz

2% Plain: 6, 16, 32oz
2% Mango: 6oz
2% Passion Fruit: 6oz
2% Pineapple: 6oz
2% Strawberry Banana: 6oz

Chobani Champions:
2% Honey-Nana: 3.5oz 4 pack
2% Orange Vanilla: 3.5oz 4 pack
2% Vanilla Chocolate Chunk: 3.5oz 4 pack
2% VerryBerry: 3.5oz 4 pack
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