Though I have not seen any of you I feel like I love you, even those who don't love me back!!

I feel like a cliche! and it feels good.

Special thanks to the flourlady for creating this group.

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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And Steve you are one of those that made my day, and you are on my list too, I love talking to you and you are a gift as a friend.<br />
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Ok i don't normally get slushy but EP has given me an outlet and introduced me to people that otherwise I would have never known. :-)

You are a joy to read and a wonderful friend. Thank you

Awww thanks MahsaTB, I feel the same about you even though I havent known you long.

@ NewDay: for me you are one of those people that I appreciate and love.<br />
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@ ChristianCowboy: Thanks for making the point, I meant I never had the honor of being in their presence. But you have a really good point there. And you are on my list too.

You don't have to see someone to love them...blind people can love can't they? I love God, but I've never seen Him.

I completely agree with you there are people on here who have gotten me through times I didnt think I could make it through. And its always nice to appreciate those with love good on you MahsaTB.

Thanks for understanding, Flourlady is really special to me too.

Flourlady is a very special person. I dont talk to her enough. But I understand how you feel. There are some EPers out there whom mean quite a bit to me. And yes I can say that I love them.