Ladies, Don't Take This Wrong

There are just so many ways ep'ers can say how important you are to them.  I've wrote a few stories on how much I Love You all.

This story is about how I hope I won't be misunderstood when I send all my Hugs & Kisses & Loves to all the women I adore on here.  I'm affectionate by nature and also happen to be a lesbian, I broadcast it all over the place that I am.  But being a lesbian does not correlate with wanting you as a girlfriend, or I want to have sex with you.  I'm just another person who love and care about other people.

And the men I don't know, just because I'm a lesbian does not mean I'm kinky and want to hear about your fantasies.

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5 Responses Mar 4, 2009

So I guess that means that we're not gonna have that hot and steamy affair, huh? LOL<br />
You, Coffeemate, are a wonderful friend. I tell you I love you because I care for you, not because of your sexual preference! ((((HUGS)))) ((((LOVE)))) ((((HUGS))))

It's nice to meet you hahahehe :)

Well, gee, thanks! I'm straight and female, and love lions. All cats, actually.

I know Sweetie, it's never even been questioned........

Ah CM - I would never take it the wrong way!! :) Love you too