There is a person who is like my heart. but he doesn't know that. He doesn't know how much I love him.he doesn't know how much he is important to me. If a day he says stop breathing, I surely will be glad to do that. But, but I haven't told all these to him, I'm afraid of rejection. What if he said something like NO? Surely I will end my life up. He is here on EP. I'm waiting for his message. I'm so nervous. ; (
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God damn it sweetie Marti I'm gonna bitten the dust😭, what has happened? Billy just told me to come here and check him, I have no number nor contacting details of him,when I heard the news I just Burst to cry. Some one tell me what da faq has happened to Marti? :(((( ....😢

It's ok Angela. It's ok, he will be ok, just stay calm:/

where are Andy and Mark? do they know? somebody tell them

I'm not in the mood to talk about this ******* ****.


shame on you all, why should i know this issue so late? you had to tell me sooner:/

Ok, I'm sorry

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God will help you Marti. Stay strong.

dude, common girls can't wait it, hurry up heal sooner, i can remember those days we had together in the school , whenever we wanted to talk a girl into dating, it was him who kinda help us, when the girls just saw that he was our friend, then they just keep talking to us and at the end they keep asking about him.........God, please help him.Amen

I see you are all good friends of martins? I am sure he Don you all a good thing in the past. Now is the time he needs all his friends support and backing and prayers if you are all true friends of his give him that support and backing he needs so much. And no matter what or who he is you will sick with him like glue . I am sure he will appreciate it and it will help him out of this sad time in hospital. Let us all get him on his feet first and let him know we are with him 100%. Thank you god bless you all.

Enough of that Ellias.
It's our all faults

I think you are one of his friends though,
thanks for your support. He has went trough coma.

This is not the time or place for that . Its a time to get martin out of the dark

Any news? Willi? Ellias? Hm? I sent messages for Andy and Mark, they were shocked to death.
Let me know what happens.
See you

oh, aren't they coming here to this site?
send me their emails please. tnx.

It'd not time for cat fighting.
Where is he now? Ellias why have you just told me this so late? Wilson said he's got a problem and now is in hospital. I'm just hearing about him after a long time and I wish I didn't hear this. I don't have his international phone number, message it for me Wilson. I'm going to tell other guys and gals about this.

Sorry Ellias, I was just as worry as hell and I am still worrying.
Hi Bill thanks for signing up. I'm trying to contact him, so if I were successful to make a connection, I will send his number to your Hotmail account.

I don't have theirs.i just have their email addresses.

Any news? Mr. Carson doesn't answer.

Why is he using an international sim!?! He could activate the international connection. They are really rich, so I can't understand that they just did this for reducing the costs.

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I think anyone that even gets a chance to be with you my boy will be a very lucky boy indeed. you have a lot of love in your heart for the lucky young man and I think he will think the same good luck my boy xx

Thanks man,thanks for your kind words.
I just have no words to describe him . I'm just full of love and sad feelings because I fear that he kinda doesn't like me when I tell him😭

my good friend you should only think on the positive side never the negative side buddy he sounds a very nice and good young man .

Yes,surely he is. Surely he is. .......

I will give my whole life to just see him smile. Just this.😭

you will my boy I am sure you will

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