People Change Every Day!!

With experiences and every day life you change, without even knowing. I love my husband very much and although I see him as the same person I fell in love with years ago, Parts of him has changed and so have I. We've grown together. That's what life is "change".

Like when you in a job, work there for years and eventually you want to move on get promoted. That's just how things are. Your personality might not change but you either grow as a person or as a couple. Which I think is good.

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

I agree and hopefully we change for the better. Change is the one constant to life and when things aren't going good well sometimes that's our cue to "change" it if we can. Some things are beyond our control, but there are many things we can change and make better. <br />
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Best Wishes! Mel Waller