I Love You Giggles

Theists, atheists, agnostics, pagans -everyone- please send your best possible positive wishes to my darling friend and Big Sister, giggles4488, because she really needs them right now.


UPDATE: giggles is going to be OK! The trooper reports that she is recovering from a bad reaction to her medication and is giving the doctors an earful of advice (well, she is qualified to do that).

So THANK YOU for your prayers and loving thoughts and wishes, everyone. They work!

amberdextrous amberdextrous
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I hope everything works out for the best and happy recovery!

Hi Big Sis! WELCOME HOME! (*fireworks* *cheers* *tears*). We love you!

Dex ~ I love you!!! I have the BEST Little Brother in the world ;) Take care of yourself, luv, and I will be right as rain before you know it and back on EP being sassy hehee!!

Hi, I am still in the hospital but I wanted to thank you all so very much. All your good thoughts, blessings and prayers really helped me through this and you are loved and appreciated (((hugs)))<br />
I will be home soon!

Thank you Amber and Cheeky---this is a really happy making thread. Good wishes, prayers or whatever word you want to put on loving hopes---are a strong and powerful force for happiness and health in this world.

Amberdextrous - thank you so much for this. And thank everyone who added your well wishes and blessings. Giggles is doing better this morning and her doctor's say she will come off the oxygen if she is still doing better this afternoon. Hoping she can come home in a few days. Thank you again, she loves you all so much and misses her friends here at ep. Nick

My Mother Dearest is too stubborn to be sick for long......... Although I have been worried sick.

Thank You, Cheeky! That is the best news!

UPDATE: Miss giggles seems to be doing Better. She wants to thank EVERYONE for their well wishes, Knowing so many people cared Has helped her. Her prognosis is good. However she may be in the hospital for another day or too. Please keep Miss Giggles in your thoughts and in your Blessings/prayers/heart <br />
<br />
Got a message from her trooper. He was on the way back to the hosp. I didn't think Miss Gigles or Trooper would mind me updating everyone.

will do amber

I knew you would be, Cheeky. Thank You.

Sending Healing light and much love to her.

i do, and will, right now :)

Thank You, angel. She is really sick. If you have time, please send her a gesture...

of course! hope everything works out!