For My Irish Fire

Irish Bells for my wild Irish Fire.  I love you more than life and I never want to lose you!

God love her, hold her and heal her.  Bring her home to me.....

TrprBadass TrprBadass
41-45, M
8 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I can see that happy dance, you better settle down young lady! ha, I know you love them and I absolutely, positively, most definitely love YOU!

OH HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know how I love Irish Bells ;') (I'm doing the happy dance! haha, well, the best one can do in a bed anyway).....thank you wonderful man! ((hugs))

Thanks, I will give her a hug from you for sure. She is getting her laptop back (she won the fight lol) and I know she will be on it and write to say hello, she misses all of you so much.

I am so thankful that you were there when she needed you, Trooper. You are a wonderful man. Give my Big Sister a hug from me -if the doctors will let you.

To B & B - Thank you both. I really appreciate you two and your friendship. <br />
<br />
Ae - I know you are right, it's just difficult watching her go through this. Thank you :)<br />
<br />
To Unshakable - You are such a good friend and Giggles sends you a hug and much love. Thank you for your prayers.

My dear Nick.You have to be strong for her.Both of you are meant for each other.Our Heavenly Father is healing her and making her whole.

Aawe wow, trooper, this is lovely. Best wishes and hugs to both you and my sis. Mwah!

Beautiful Nick, just beautiful. He will bring her home to you, the two of you were meant to be with each other. Love, S