For My Sister......

Girl, I'm on the way and I'm going to kick some doctor butt for ya!!!!! What the hell were those ***** thinking giving you something that would only put you in the hospital!?!  The family is praying for you every minute of the day and we love you. 

When I get there I'm going to cook you up a batch of Mama's THAT will put some meat on those little bones and have you right as rain in no time at all!!  (that along with a pan of chocolate biscotti....and we won't share hehehe)

I love you and I will be with you soon, keep fighting!  Show those doctors that Irish fire and don't forget to throw a bit of Italian girl attitude at 'em, that ought to straighten them out!

Hugs and kisses, your crazy sister G

Just for you my dear friend!  I'll fix you the REAL thing when I get there ;')

Brooklynchick Brooklynchick
51-55, F
3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

She is an inspiration to us all! Nice to meet you, the more the merrier in this family!!<br />
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Soph and I will be here taking care of our sis now so you are gonna get well for sure! Let's get this show on the road!!! I'm cooking now :)

Aaww, you guys are just wonderful and I'm so blessed with a fabulous family!!!! Dex, I will share my lasanga and biscotti with you, I promise :) Yes, you have two more sisters, Brooklynchick and Bellezzaitaliana and Katje is Nick's daughter! I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!! <br />
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BC, YUMMIE!! Hurrry up cause this hospital food is yucky doodles ;( I need some good Italian food to stick to my ribs! Haha, those doctors better watch out if you come after them....YIPES!

Hey, Brook! You must be my sister too! Nice to meetcha! This family of ours is growing by the minute, all centred around the gorgeous giggles. Aint she an inspiration?