I adore the EP folks I've met -- so many folks who spread love and cheer, as well as rapscallions who find profit in spreading argument and dissension. It's a wonderful world and I'm grateful that EP has a place in it.
nelladell nelladell
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6 Responses May 28, 2014

Yes, I guess,all shades of human nature makes EP interesting.

I think you made Archangel Raguel grin one of the biggest grins ever... he's always bringing dichotomies into balance... just as you did when you wrote this. Golly, Nell... I just LOVES YA! :))

I am glad you have a place here.. for all of us to know a good soul like you. Thank you Nelladell

We are a motley and colorful bunch. And those of us who have met you think you are the cat's meow, dear nelladell.

Takes a special soul to appreciate both extremes of human nature.

I'm grateful that nelladell has a place in it. :-)