I Like You Alot

You make me really happy.I never thought you like me back.And tomorrow when you ask me out [like you told everyone] I'm not sure what I'm going to say.But know matter what i say i want you to know i feel the same way its just in my last [and first real] relationship my heart was crush and I'm scared to commint again in fear of being hurt mentally  and that was the worst pain I've ever felt and thinking about it now I'm willing to take that chance for you.People can judge and at first I'll care and it will matter to me but the longer we date and during the process of falling in love with you I'll forget what they think and just focus on how you treat me and my friends opinions [because they wont lie] and I will let go I'm willing to take that risk because you make me so happy.....

Lostinimage Lostinimage
13-15, F
Mar 25, 2009