...and All the Fish In the Sea...

...and all the drops of water in the ocean...and all the birds in the sky....and all the words in the world....and all the shoes that I could possibly own...and all the pairs of knickers I have in my room....and all the random bits of art work I have under my bed....and more than I could ever tell you

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5 Responses Jan 1, 2009

That adds to my love!!! LOL ;)

Now lets see, if I had to tell you, I would say I love you more than all the w's you have ever wrote in "Awww" :P

awwwwww..... and I thought I was in love....!!!

mushmushmush<br />

ALL the palm trees in Florida? Have you seen the one in the middle of campus at the University of Florida? If not, then you can't honestly say ALL the palm trees in Florida. But you cold say MOST of the palm trees in Florida. The University of Florida has some of the prettiest trees I have seen anywhere.