Love Doesn't Demand Love

I love you many times more than you do. You have no idea how much I adore you. But I can't expect you to love me in same measure because love doesn't demand love. You had something in you that made me love you this much.I really wish I have it in me that would make you love me the way I love you.If I don't have it in me then it would be one-sided love for eternity!!

Because love doesn't demand love......

Love you darling....
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Master Giley-This one's for you..

haha nope i'll stay and listen ;) the moment i start singing is when ya want yo run <br />
<br />
*grabs lighter and holds it in air*

Oh god....Kitti has started to sing!! Runs...Everybody run for your life pls.......!! Runs as hard as he can from the place that us facing an impending disaster of kittiosongoquake!!

woo hoo .. you got me in the singing mood again cappy dammit ... *runs upstage with tamborine and begins singing *<br />
<br />
Keep smiling, keep shining<br />
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure<br />
That's what friends are for<br />
For good times and bad times<br />
I'll be on your side forever more<br />
That's what friends are for<br />
<br />
you should be waving a bic lighter ... ah la la .. what would ep do with out my singing !!!=-D

as long as we have friends like each other and kitti we can make it. out hearts may ache but they burn wtih a passion that can never be extinguished for love burns eternal

I know how you feel , but I guess love is hope . So as long as we love them there is still hope for us .Dont give up cappy....Asks cappy to join him and climbs the ladder with him and they now can easily hold back all the 10 men because love has made them both stronger!!<br />
<br />
See we are climbing up now and soon we will reach to the top where she is yes??

ugh dude i know how you feel completely. the woman i love more than anything else in existence lives on the other side of the country. now she has a boyfriend who lives near her and doesn't even come close to deserving her. i haven't talked to her in over a week either. everyday i just want to fall to the ground and give up but because i have hope in my heart i can't .<br />
<br />
love is blind for it only see the one it is focused on

Yeah ,that is funny!! But I dont own a jet pack in real life kitti....Thats my problem...Oh god,cappy asks me to listen to you..You ask me to listen to cappy.....You both are humble and appreciative of each other..kiku!!

ahhh then let me help you ... there is a saying determination is the mother of invention .. wait at least I hope that is the saying anyway ..*runs to MM straps a jet pack on his back and gives him controls in right hand , flowers in left , positions him next to ladder * now you can fly up to the very top and by pass all those other meatballs ... <br />
<br />
And listen to cappy he is a pirate he is wise and knows all !!!=-D

Oh cappy..... I knew very well that she always wins !! She has won me all the time in past one year!! But this time I win !! Thats the way I fight everytime with her hammer....!!

Yes darling,there are many steps to climb to reach to the top where she lives....But there are too many people trying to reach to her by the ladder....I get pushed down everytime I try to climb...Everyday I wake up in hope of climbing couple of steps....But they push me down three steps and I go only down and never up....There are almost 10 people now who push me down everytime I try to climb...I am simply outnumbered darling......I am starting to give up!! I would love to climb all the way up atleast once and touch their toes and then pushed down !!..It never happens.....Tries to climb the first step with 10 people pushing him down!!

you should listen to kitti for she is indeed wise. she helped me with my heart pains and believe me that ain't easy no surey. and don't bother arguing with her either as she always wins and ... shes got a hammer

ahh but that is why ladders have steps , they are meant to be climbed. Now dont be fooled sometimes what we see as vertically high , is really only horizontally apart .. look again maybe your standing your head and the "whoever" is just across the way ....*giggles makes another tiara of flowers and puts it on MM head *

*Takes the flower taira and decorates kitti's head with you*<br />
<br />
You know what kitti?? "Whoever" is sitting on the top of ladder. I am down languishing at the bottom of the ladder. I never ever deserved "whoever" darling..."Whoever" is like the best of the best persons in the world.....May be "whoever" thinks they deserve much better than me....Thats why I wish I had it in me to climb to the top of ladder.... I wish I could climb the ladder kitti !! But they have set their standards so high that it appears impossible to reach that high... I dont deserve them even in my dreams and they don't deserve me even in their nightmares!!

awwwwwwwww... this is too cute , I agree with you 100% , you know your story made me think of some of the sad stories on ep and what my friends tell me about their relationships , what I have noticed is some people they almost want to own love for themselves , and are fustrated when they dont and cant . They never understand that true love is supposed to be a freeing experience .<br />
<br />
aww I know you MM whoever doesnt love you as much as you love them doesnt deserve you . *skips around MM , decorates his head with a flower tiara and blows bubbles at him*=-D