Because You

console me in my most deep sadness

try to understand me when we have hard times

give your attentive ears when I need to be listened.

calm me down when I am mad,

encourage me when I am weak

give me hope when I want to give up

give me your hand when I feel alone.

offer your open arms when I need support

make me feel special when I feel worthless

would give up yourself to see me happy

make me smile when I cry

give me your love over and over again

make my dreams come true.

And for all those reasons and others

I love you more and more…



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6 Responses Feb 18, 2009

What a coincidence that I should read this again today. Be strong. ((hugs)).

A beautiful blissful relationship. Perfect Princess and how it should be. Smiling for you.

Beautiful tendereyes. I smile because of you! Smiles

this is wonderful1 im glad you are happy!

hi.. tendereyesprincess.. this is beautiful ((((HUGS)))) ^_^

Very touching....