Two Days To Go,

Finally the countdown is almost over,the stress and strain my Mother has been experiencing,along with her devoted family is drawing to its climax.I dread Thursday however I have to show an outward appearance that I am coping and hide my fears and tears for when I am alone.

Please Lord allow the operation to be a success,if anyone deserves the gift of an extended life that person is my Mother.The family have gathered from near and far,all with the same trepidation,fear,hope and love for the kindest loving person anyone would wish to meet.I pray to my God,Father in heaven please,please do what ever you feel is right,no matter what the outcome my faith will remain solid in you Jesus Christ.

Please comfort Mother,now more than ever she needs all the strength she can muster,anyone who may by chance read this,if you feel you can spare a few moments Please pray,God Bless you Mom.xxxxxxx
garvan garvan
51-55, M
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