I Love You ..(tube)

Dear Tube,

You make it so easy to get around London.  No matter what zone I'm in, I can always get to where I need to be with my oyster card and pocket full of shells.


I love the creative names of the lines.  Bakerloo! It's a commode for a person who cooks croissants

 Central! Phwoarrr, right in the middle of things.

 Circle! If I fall asleep on the circle line, I'll just go round and round and round... (and come back to my stop. Perhaps we could call it the Boomerang line as a homage to our Antipodean cousins?)

Hammersmith and City! Every smith needs an erm, hammer.. Actually this one makes me think of hammerhead sharks.

District! De strict line take no nonsense!

Jubilee! Like those little lollies, jubes? Or a wonderful jubilee party (with tea)

Northern! No confusion here, it goes North. Kind of.

Piccadilly! Lavender's blue, piccadilly, lavender's green. When I am king, piccadilly, you shall be queen.


I miss you, Tube.

tearaway tearaway
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 11, 2010

I take the Tube every time I visit London. Very convenient. Much safer and less complex than the subway lines in New York City. If I have time, some afternoons I just get off at a random stop to see whats there. Someday I will have a free week there and just explore.