Don't Go, Stay With Me Forever.

 I'll miss you. I said.
 Yeah like that helps . . .  .he said in his tough,meaning buisness voice.
 Well, goodbye doesn't mean,I don't love you, or i won't miss you, it means,actually the complete opposite.
 It means I love you ,and ill miss you so mch, but I have to go because its best for me,
 Because sometimes solutions aren't so easy, sometmes goodbyes the only way, you know?
 He frowned, and put his arms around me, shielding me fm the cold
 I just stood there . . . wraped in him
 He was all around me.
 I shut my eyes, trying to make it go away.
 I looked up into his rainbow eyes.
 They were full of sorrow and love.
  I started crying.
  I have an hour . . . .an hour left to be with you.
  Only an hour left for us.
   Don't cry. He said.
   You'll meet someone better tha me, i'll promise you that.
   I should be te one crying, i'll never meet anyone near as good as you(:
  Stop, your making me miss you more. I mubled.
Let me explain what it was l;ike leaving hm,
It was like a Bullet shot though my heart
It was like,an arrow slit though my head
It was like a still heart, lost all of its beats ,cold and senceless
It was like a knock upside te head
It was one of te wors expeiences.

Story continued:
My mom's truck is ging t behere in less than ten . . .i sobbed
I have one thing left to say to you
I love you, and no matter wat it takes andhowmuch tiem and effert i will look for you, and i will find you
It doesn't matter where you are.
Or where i am.
Katy, you meanthe world to me
So why should the world mean more to me than you?
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

WOW! Thanks sooo much! It really means alot!!!!!!Really? I will prey for you too!!!!<br />
Yeah, thats true ,i'm sure you'll find somebody, better!<br />
It does hurt still though . . . . . . .<br />
Thank you for understanding . . . . .(:<br />
ill keep you in my prayers!

Wow! Im so sorry for you. I will keep you in my prayers. The only thing he said right was someone better will come along. I'm going through the same thing and I know God has a better man instore for me but it still hurts. Again I'm sorry your going through this.