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Mora Piya

When I first met you, you were just like everyone else, just a friend!!!  You started coming around, little by little, more and more.  You would flirt with me and I would ignore you.  You continued to flirt and I continued to ignore!!!  You became a better friend and I liked you, strictly as a friend.  You would make me laugh a lot and I love people that make me laugh!!!  I promised myself that I would NEVER share my heart with another, not in a romantic way.  I swore I would never allow myself to ever be hurt again but...   You started to get to me.  Even while you were, I kept telling myself that I had it all under control.  Then you started telling me those three words that my heart so longs to hear.  I would say those words back to you but I meant it only as a friend.  I thought you did too.  We started having deep conversations about all kinds of things, our families, GOD, the world, our pasts relationships, the people that we loved and lost.  One day you said those words again, "I love you Lily!"  I said, "I love you too!"  You said, "No, Lily, I mean, I really love you!"  I smiled, because I really loved you too.  I didn't want to love you!!!  I didn't want to love anyone!!!  Yet, here I am again, loving YOU!!!  

I couldn't sleep this morning.  I kept thinking of you.  I was hoping that I would hear from you today.  I had this feeling that I would.  So I get out of my bed, I was tired of laying there not sleeping.  I come to my computer to entertain myself.  I am keeping busy, then you pop up.  I get that smile on my face.  Then I see those words, I love you Lily!!!  So I write them back, I love you too.....   I'm sure I'm just asking for it but I have this heart and all this  heart wants to do is love.......So I will just enjoy all your amazing love....I tell you that you should find someone from your own country and if you do it's will hurt my heart but it's tell me, I only love you Lily, I only want you...I say to you just in case you do, it's ok, you can tell me, we will always love each other as say to me, my heart only wants you my I smile and I say, ok, for now we will leave it as it is, mora piya (my love)......


TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 12 Responses Aug 2, 2010

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Hi Carissimi, it could have never been... I wish it could have been but I would have to hurt someone I love but in a different way to be with Mora Piya. We are still the best of friends, we still have great admiration for each other, I think I will always love him....:-) And thanks you for your comment...:-)

This is a beautiful story of love. I wish it could have turned out differently for you, but it is good that you are still friends. I have listened to the song, and it is lovely. I will post the video tonight, and you can enjoy it once again. Thank you for leaving me the link.

Hi funcpl, this was a while ago. He and I went our separate ways but did manage to stay friends. He is still special to me and a sweet friend....:-)

What a beautiful thing called 'love'. Lily that is so incredible, thank you for sharing. :-)

hello womaninbliss, thank you...hugs to you too my friend....:-)

that's wonderful texaslily ... ((hugs))

thank you so much HonesHeart.....:-)

thank you chiquita, there are great obstacles before us.....but for now, we will just enjoy and love each other...:-)

That is lovely, Lily. I wish you both happiness and great success in love and in every endevour. Be happy! **Hugs**


Thank you silentcrying...:-)

So well said! I just want to second silentlycrying's AWWWWWW! And you deserve it - happiness, love, peace - all of it! I love you too Lily - BUT just as a friend - LOL!!!!