A soft pause – one gentle caress – unspoken, smoldering longing in a simple glance… What lies between the useless words, the ineffectual means we use to express our fears, our torments, our desires? Is love something which may be described… or conveyed so easily? What may appear to be empty space is likely filled with so much more meaning than all the words you might have said. True intent in the way you stare at me… I can feel what you are feeling with the intensity of your gaze. Everything we both want, screamed out each time we touch. The need so great, I shudder and you hold me closer… until all that is left is the beating of your heart. The rest of the world has faded away, nothing can exist here – except for you, so much do I need you.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

Amazing, that's quite a look somebody has. ...a dangerous look it sounds like.<br />
<br />
Your prose is intoxicating.