Yes, This Site ...

Yes, this site was an amazing *find*, i have used this site for many things and find it VERY cathartic!! I have met many caring wonderful people and look forward to meeting many more.

I have invited many friends to join, and even got one of my kids (boy) to reluctantly join. He might not even use it for months but I know eventually will check it out due to pure curiosity and when he does i know he will get hooked!! He does not know my name on the site and I havent a clue regarding his, so he has no fear in writing ANYTHING!!

Thank you for this site and bless you for it being free. These types are DESPERATELY needed and a fee to join would mean i really could not be here and perhaps many other would not be here. I pray that IF u decide to ever ask for payment, that u do it as a donation. I know that when i have extra $$ i would and will happily donate $$ to keep this site up and running as i see this site as a NEED not a luxury and i would hate to see people turned away from a NEED because they can not afford it.

Perhaps one day, on your daily interviews you will ask ppl if in the future if they could afford it, would they be willing to donate even 10.00 to keep the site up and running, my thought and hope is you will find many ppl. who would happily do that rather then see a fee to join, so that other ppl. who cant afford it have no place to reveal the good, bad and ugly things they need to share anonomously(sp?).

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3 Responses Apr 29, 2007

Yes, I just joined a couple of days and I find myself returning to read more stories and comments because the people on here actually cares.

Yes!!! I lov ethis site to death too! I hope you succeed in bringing more people here and it brings them joy too. I know you're son will end up liking it, who couldn't?!

I heartily agree! I only joined a couple ofdays ago, and have spent alot of those 2 days here! THANK YOU Experience Project!!