I never imagined myself falling in love, much less falling in love with someone thousands of miles away from me. He doesn't even have a clue. He probably doesn’t even see what I see, guys are like that. They don’t always see what you want them to see. It’s less painful that way.
In any relationship there’s always someone who loves more and that someone just so happened to me and let me tell you it’s not easy. It hurts tremendously, especially when you tell that person how much they mean to you and they don’t respond the way you would have wanted them to.
What’s even worse is to talk to that person everyday and just knowing that they will never have the same feelings for you is devastating. Though you can’t stop talking to that person, because you adore them so much, and it would make you feel even worse to stop talking to them.
You start to put too much thought into what you should say, and how you should say it. You start to smile for no reason, and look at the world differently. It’s a beautiful thing to love someone, but also a painful thing. It’s bitter-sweet. It’s scary; venturing into love, especially when you’re so young and even more when you’re older. I've never been in love until now, and I hate every moment of it, yet I love it so much.
LonersNook LonersNook
18-21, F
Nov 25, 2012