Freda Bertonciini

Dear Nana,
Been over a year since you left us, yet theres not a single moment of any day that I dont think of you. You were a rare breed that saw the good in all people before judging the bad.
You told me, if I had a bad word to say about people then dont say anything.
You told me to ignore the nasty comments from others and to follow my dreams.
You told me, if something makes you happy then 'chase it' !

Those words are so precious to me now.

You knew before I did.. that I was different, yet you loved me all the more.
You always loved me, you always cared for me.
I cant begin to explain how empty my life is without you.

Nana, I promise to do,all the things you told me to do..

You are the most important person that I have ever had in my life.
I love you, I miss you..
Sometimes.. I need you here to laugh with
Sometimes.. I need you here to sort the mess.
Sometimes.. I just need a little advice.

Yet so often.... I hold out my hand, and wish you would grab it.
Miss you so much Nana
May you Rest in Piece.

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Jan 12, 2013